6 Best microspikes for hiking in 2023 Ultimate Guide

Best Microspikes For Hiking

The microspikes for hiking can make your winter hiking easy and helps you in completing every challenge. The best microspikes are the ones that increase your traction on icy/slippery surfaces. Microspikes are lightweight traction devices that slip over your existing footwear while providing extra grip on icy or loose surfaces.

It’s not the cold weather you must worry about but also the slippery and treacherous terrain many trails face during this time of year. Investing in a pair of microspikes is a must to maximize your enjoyment and safety in winter hikes. Let’s review some of the best microspikes this season so you can get outside safely and confidently!

6 best microspikes for hiking

Here is the list of our top-picked hiking microspikes.

Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System – (Editor’s Pick For Great Traction)

Source: Kahtoola

Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction System is perfect for hikers looking for an affordable yet practical pair of microspikes. The Kahtoola microspikes also come with an extra-long elastomer harness that ensures a secure fit on any size of shoe or boot. With their high-quality construction and performance, Kahtoola microspikes Traction System is an excellent choice for winter trail hikers looking for superior traction. The durability of these microspikes makes them the best hiking microspikes in the market.

✅ Affordable yet effective.❌ Elastomer harnesses may not fit larger sizes of shoes or boots.
✅ 12 stainless steel spikes give superior grip and stability on icy surfaces.❌ Not compatible with working outdoors.
✅ The lightweight and adjustable design doesn’t weigh you down.

Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats – (Best for Ice Hiking)

Source: Yaktrax

These all-surface Yaktrax Diamond Grip Cleats are considered one of the best spikes for ice hiking. With carbide steel spikes and strong, heat-treated aluminum coils, these microspikes offer excellent traction. Moreover, on slippery surfaces like ice and snow while providing stability when navigating tricky terrain. The Diamond Grip Cleats are designed to fit various types of footwear, from sneakers and running shoes to hiking boots. They’re also incredibly lightweight and easy to store, making them the perfect companion for any winter hike. They come with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind! Plus, their low-profile design means you won’t have to worry about tripping or catching on rocks or branches.

✅ All-terrain capability.❌ Expensive compared to other microspikes.
✅ Fits various types of footwear.❌ Cables can be weak.
✅ Low profile design.❌ Flawed design.

Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device – (Comfortable Mountaineering Spike)

Source: Hillsound

The Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device is an excellent option for comfortable mountaineering. This lightweight microspikes has stainless steel spikes that provide maximum grip and stability on icy terrain. The chains are adjustable to fit any footwear, while the elastomer bindings stretch and flex to move your foot, so you don’t feel restricted when hiking. The crampons also come with a handy storage bag that makes them easy to transport. If you’re looking for an excellent all-around microspikes that will give you great traction and still fit comfortably, the Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device is worth considering.

✅ Stainless steel spikes provide maximum grip and stability on icy terrain.❌ It may not fit over bulky boots or footwear.
✅ Elastomer bindings stretch to move with your foot for comfort.❌ Little bit pricey.
✅ Comes with a handy storage bag for easy transport.

OuterStar Ice & Snow Grips Over Shoe/Boot Traction Cleat Spikes – (Best Micro Traction Spikes)

Best Micro Traction Spikes
Source: OuterStar

These microspikes from OuterStar come with 36 stainless steel spikes per pair and are designed to fit any shoe or boot. Slip them over your existing footwear, and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe winter hike without worrying about slipping or sliding. Constructed with durable yet flexible silicone elastomer, these microspikes are built to last and provide comfortable and reliable traction. These are considered one of the most durable spike boots for ice hiking.

✅ Easy to use.❌ Low-quality cleats.
✅ Amazing traction.❌ Sizing can be an issue.
✅ Durable.

EnergeticSky Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons – (Hiking Microspikes with Cleats)

Source: EnergeticSky

You can’t go wrong with EnergeticSky’s Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes when finding the best microspikes for winter hiking. These stainless steel spikes provide superior traction on icy or muddy surfaces and are designed to slip over any standard shoe or boot. They are lightweight and feature an adjustable design, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their winter hiking experience. The straps on these crampons are also designed to be extra tight and secure, so you can focus on the trail ahead instead of worrying about slipping or losing your grip!

✅ Adjustable design.❌  Not suitable for intense snow or thick ice.
✅ Extra secure straps.
✅ Superior traction on icy and muddy surfaces.

Unigear Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips with 18 Spikes – (Hiking grips with Built-in spikes)

Source: Unigear

The Unigear Traction Cleats come with 18 spikes and are made of high-strength steel to ensure maximum grip on icy surfaces. Its adjustable buckle straps make slipping over your existing boots easy to hike in the winter without worrying about slipping or sliding.

✅ Adjustable buckle straps make it easy to slip over existing boots.❌ Not suitable for oversized shoes/boots.
✅ The material stays flexible at -45°C temperatures.❌ It can be uncomfortable for long hikes due to the firm grip on the bottom of your shoe.
✅ Spikes are built to last for multiple seasons of use.❌ It can be challenging to wear if you have thick socks or boots.

Microspikes vs Crampons

Microspikes vs Crampons

The main difference between microspikes and crampons is the terrain that they are used on. When it comes to winter hiking, many people are tempted to use crampons instead of microspikes. While crampons are more aggressive than their lightweight counterparts, they can be hard to walk in and even more challenging to put on. Even for experienced hikers, putting on a pair of crampons can take up to fifteen minutes.

While, microspikes are much easier to put on and take off. Also they can be an excellent choice for winter hikes that don’t involve steep inclines or alpine terrain. The other significant benefit of using microspikes is their light weight. Most models weigh around 8 ounces per pair, making them much more delicate than crampons.

It’s important to remember that microspikes and crampons can be great tools for winter hiking. It all comes down to personal preference, which one you choose. For those who want a maximum grip on icy or loose surfaces with minimal effort, microspikes are the way to go. On the other hand, if you need extra grip for more extreme conditions, crampons can provide a great solution. No matter your winter hiking needs, there is an option out there that will suit you best! For more ideas visit my Pinterest.

Exospikes vs Nano spikes

The main difference between exospikes and Nano spikes is, exospikes are more robust than Nano spikes. Due to their thicker chains and more giant spikes. These provide better grip on icier surfaces but can cause extra wear and tear on your footwear over time. On the other hand, Nano spikes are made from thinner chains and smaller spikes but provide more flexibility when fitting different types of shoes. The smaller tips help reduce pressure points and wear and tear on your footwear. Ultimately, both exospikes and Nano spikes have advantages depending on your needs, so be sure to research before making a purchase.

No matter which type of microspikes you choose, it is essential to remember that they will not prevent slipping entirely on icy surfaces. Consider these devices as an added safety measure for other winter hiking gear, such as protective clothing and crampons. With the right microspikes and a bit of caution, you can enjoy your next winter hike safely and confidently.

What are black diamond distance spikes?

The Black Diamond Distance Spikes are best overall distance spikes for winter hikers looking to balance traction and durability. The spikes provide excellent grip on icy, snow-packed trails, while their lightweight design minimizes fatigue over long distances. Additionally, they have an adjustable rubber harness that provides a secure fit without being too tight or uncomfortable. For added convenience, these microspikes also come with an integrated storage bag, allowing you to store them safely and efficiently when not in use. They are easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for winter hikes of any length or difficulty level. With a reasonable price tag, the Black Diamond Distance Spikes are an excellent choice for winter hikers who want reliable traction and comfort.

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Best Hiking Microspikes Buying Guide

Certainly! Here is a buying guide for choosing the top microspikes for hiking:

Type of Hike: Consider the hiking you’ll be doing. A lightweight set of microspikes with shorter spikes may be sufficient for trails with hard-packed snow or ice. Consider microspikes with longer, more aggressive points for more technical terrain or icy slopes.

Size and Fit: Choose microspikes that fit your shoe or boot size. Most brands offer a size chart to help you select the correct size. A good fit is vital for safety and comfort.

Traction: Look for microspikes with durable and robust metal construction, such as stainless steel. A good pair of microspikes should provide enough traction to stabilize you on slippery surfaces.

Weight: Consider the importance of the microspikes, especially if you’re planning to carry them in a backpack. Lighter microspikes can be more comfortable, but heavier microspikes may provide better traction.

Ease of Use: Choose easy microspikes to put on and take off. Some models feature simple straps, while others have more complicated designs. Make sure you choose a pair that you feel comfortable using.

Durability: Look for microspikes made from high-quality materials that withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Stainless steel is a popular material for microspikes, as it is solid and rust-resistant.

Price: The price of microspikes can vary widely. Consider your budget, and choose a pair that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Choosing the right pair of microspikes for hiking is essential for staying safe and comfortable on the trails. Consider these factors to ensure you select the best team of microspikes for your needs.


As we dove into the world of best microspikes for hiking, we discovered no one-size-fits-all solution to picking out the right pair. However, by considering factors such as traction, durability, and design features like a quick fit-buckle system, you can find a couple of microspikes that will suit your needs and preferences. With the proper pair of spikes, winter hikes can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You will feel safer relying on your spike’s extra grip on slick terrain, and you might even be inspired to take on a few more challenges along the way! Looking forward to hear about your experiences about the best hiking microspikes in the comment section.


Can you walk on rocks with microspikes?

Ans: You can walk on rocks with microspikes if they have good-quality spikes.

How tight should microspikes be?

Ans: If you want to buy a pair of microspikes for yourself, they should be as snug as possible around your boots. Try them on in person, then make sure they fit you easily.


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