Attabad Lake The Beauty Of Northern Pakistan

The Attabad Lake Hunza Gilgit Baltistan

Attabad lake is in the Gojal valley Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. The Attabad disaster in 2010 paved the way for the creation of the Attabad lake. Moreover, the Attabad disaster completely submerged four villages Gulmit, Ainabad, Shishkat, and Gulkin. The Attabad lake has a length of 21 km. Its depth is 109 m. The water comes from the Hunza river. The outflow of the Hunza river gets into the lake. The majestic mountains cover the lake. It has become a great tourist attraction. The water in the lake is blue. Now there are many hotels and restaurants nearby the lake. The hotels are luxurious and the view is amazing.

The Attabad lake is the best spot for boating, fishing, and jet ski. In addition, the charges are nominal for the rides. It’s worth experiencing. The views are breathtaking and mesmerizing. You can have a life jacket for safety. Further, in the past boats were used to take your car along. NATCO provided this service efficiently. The boats do not operate if its windy. Enjoy the car ride on KKH, Karakoram highway. But now the Attabad tunnel is operational so there is no need for that too.

Attabad Lake Pakistan Map

The total distance from Islamabad to Attabad lake is 706 km. It is 14 hours drive. The roads are perfect. Get on the M-1 from Kashmir highway. Take the Abbottabad expressway. This leads to the Karakoram Highway or the old silk route. This road is mainly used for transport and trade. This connects the two countries Pakistan and China.

Once, you reach Hunza. Hunza is the mountainous valley in the Gilgit Baltistan. It is in the extreme North of the Indian territory of Ladakh bordering with Wakhan Afghanistan and Xinjiang China. The local’s languages in Hunza are Burushaski, Wakhi, and Shina. Hunza is very safe to travel. On the KKH traveling after dark from Bisham to Chilas is not allowed. The total distance to the Attabad lake is 19 km. The Attabad tunnel is now complete. You do not need to go for the car boat ride. The Attabad tunnel is 7 km long. This makes traveling easier and safer.

The Attabad Lake Hunza Pakistan
This picture was taken at Attabad Lake Gojal Valley Hunza | Wanderer Guru

Hotels near Attabad Lake

Recently, there are many hotels built near the Attabad lake. This includes the Serena Inn, Luxus, Hard Rock Hunza Resort and Villas. Moreover, all of these hotels are expensive. The average price per night is between 15000 Pkr to 2000 Pkr. But if you want to stay at a low budget. There are other options available. This includes the Baltit Heritage Hotel, Mountain Inn Hunza, and Hunza Glamping Resort. The average charges are 3000 Pkr to 4000 Pkr per night. The camping sites are also available. You could rent it along with sleeping bags and mattresses. This would cost you 1000 Pkr approximately. Do you want to know about camping at Ratti Gali lake Kashmir?

Things to carry:

  • Warm Clothes The weather is very much cold during the night while the mornings are sunny. July is the warmest month with average weather is 23.6 degrees.
  • Comfortable Shoes The hiking track is difficult and your shoes need to be comfortable so that you have no problem while enjoying nature.
  • Camera to capture the beauty of the Attabad lake.
  • Bag for keeping your accessories.