Cleanliness at the Bruti Waterfall Margalla Hills Islamabad

Cleanliness at margalla hills Islamabad

Pakistan is a very beautiful country. It has four seasons. The landscapes are mesmerizing. It is a land of the world’s highest peaks. But it is very sad and disappointing when we do not take care of the cleanliness. This spoils the natural beauty. The Bruti waterfall is a natural waterfall. It has freshwater streams flowing. People from different places visit this place for having a leisure time. Moreover, the bad thing is that most of the people do not take care of the cleanliness. They litter a lot which disturbs the natural ecosystem. Further, this not only spoils the beauty but the habitat of wild animals as well. The Bruti Margalla hills have amazing wildlife. Besides, this place is best for having a peaceful time.

Today along with my few friends we did hike at the Bruti waterfall Margalla hills. After that, we enjoyed swimming in the freshwater ponds. But there was a lot of garbage and plastic wrappers thrown by people. Everyone knows that plastic is not biodegradable. It is the main cause of pollution. It includes plastic handbags, bottles, wrappers, etc. This plastic does not decay even in 1000 years. Other than that there were the surgical masks thrown everywhere. This causes harm to nature and wildlife. The plastic microbeads get stuck which kills the wildlife. We always blame one another for not doing the right thing. But we do not try to do it ourselves. Rather blaming the government for our own mistakes.

Be A Good Citizen

So, we thought that whenever we will come to the hills. We will try to clean the place as much as possible. For that, we picked up some plastic bags and started putting the garbage into it. There is a saying of Prophet (P.B.U.H) ” Cleanliness is half of faith”. This implies the importance of cleanliness. Well, we took the garbage from the top of the hills and brought them down.

Things We Can Do To Promote Cleanliness

Whenever you go somewhere. Take a bag along and put the garbage inside it. Do not litter. It is not difficult, having a bag is a good habit. When you carry any edible item (juices, biscuits) put the wrapper in your back. This habit will bring a good change in society and the environment. When we will start doing this everything will be going to be perfect.

During the Cleanliness at Burit Waterfall Margalla-Hills