Katora Lake Jahaz Banda Kumrat Complete Guide 2022


Katora Lake is a glacial lake located at the top of Jahaz Banda meadows in Kumrat Valley upper Dir Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

The lake is at an altitude of 11500 feet approximately. It is named as Katora “bowl” because of its shape which resembles a bowl.

It is a beautiful lake and is one of the most attractive lakes in Pakistan. The lake is covered with snow in the winters and partially covered after winters. In the summers for one or two months, the snow melts fully and the lake becomes crystal clear.

The lake is surrounded by mountains having lush greenery which makes the scene alluring and mesmerizing. Most importantly you do not need a guide to reach there.

How to Reach Katora lake

The road which leads to Katora lake starts from Thal market Kumrat Valley. To see the complete guide for reaching Kumrat Valley click the hyperlink.

Once reached the Thal market. There are town separate roads. The left one head towards the Kumrat valley Aabshaar, Black Water “Kaala Chashma” and Do Janga.

Take the right from the Thal market. This will take you to the Taki Banda where you can park your vehicle. On the way to Taki Top or Taki Banda, you will get to Jandrai first and then the Taki Banda.

The total distance from Thal to Taki Banda is 16 Km. The only way to get there safely is to ride a bike or a 4WD Jeep.

The rental jeeps are easily available at Thal Bazar which will charge you not more than 4000 to 5000 Pakistani Rupees.

Taki Top or Taki Banda is the last point for the vehicles. Take some rest to have a tea and get ready for the hike.

I traveled on my bike from Islamabad to Katora Lake, This is the picture of the road to Taki Banda leading towards Katora Lake Jahaz Banda.

Hike from Taki Banda to Jahaz Banda

The hiking track starts from Taki Banda. The level of Hiking is easy and it takes not more than two hours to reach Jahaz Banda Meadows.

The hike is only 6 Km and during the hike, you can easily have fresh water from the cold streams.

Once you reach Jahaz Banda, relax and stay the night there.

Camping and Bonfire at Jahaz Banda

The most important thing during a trip is excellent food and a comfortable stay. There is a small hotel where you can find food.

Rental rooms and camps are also available. They will not charge more than 1000 Pakistani Rupees for a single room,

four to five persons can easily accommodate in there. The best is to carry your own tent and sleeping bag.

Place the tent where ever you feel comfortable, safe, and convenient. The people are hospitable most of the time.

Enjoy the bonfire and the starry sky. Take complete rest and get ready for the next hike.

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This is my camping site at Jahaz Banda meadows, leading towards the Katora Lake.

Track to Katora Lake

Start tracking for the Katora Lake early in the morning. Place your belongings that are not so important at the hotel.

This will help you during the hike. The hike is not more than 2 to 3 hours from Jahaz Banda to Katora Lake. There is a beautiful waterfall Jahaz Banda Aabshaar. Do give it a visit too.

The track is beautiful and is lush green. The amazing Jahaz Banda meadows have their own alluring beauty.

During the hike keep yourself hydrated and motivated. Enjoy nature observe and feel the essence of mother Nature.

While reaching Katora Lake you will find a small lake. The water is coming from the Katora lake to this small lake.

There are goat, sheep, and cow farms on the way. Fresh Lassi a typical Pakistani drink is available if you ask the herdsman.

The track when you reach near to Katora lake gets snowy and slippery, wearing good trekkers will help you there.

Once reached Katora Lake you will be mesmerized by the beauty of nature. There is a small cafe at Katora lake.

A real treat for tea lovers. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful nature.

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Another small lake on the way to Katora Lake Jahaz Banda Kumrat Valley KPK Pakistan

Things to carry:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Shoes or Trekkers
  • Rain Suit
  • Food
  • Water Bottle

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