3 Best Hiking Trails Margalla Hills Islamabad

Margalla Hills Islamabad Pakistan

The Margalla Hills is a part of Himalayan ranges. The hills are a source of attraction from all over the world. These hills are located in the North of Islamabad city. It covers a total area of 17000 hectares (67 square miles) approximately. This attracts tourism in Pakistan globally. Margalla hills have the best hiking trails in Islamabad.

The best thing about the Margalla hills is its lush green forestry. The forestry is a habitat for the amazing wildlife. This increases the beauty of the hills and the city. The trails are covered with shrubs and plants. There are freshwater streams on the trail and the water is clean for drinking. The best time to visit tracks is in the morning and return half an hour before the sunset.

There are different hiking tracks for hiking and adventure. Each trail has its significance and beauty. Moreover, these tracks have different levels of hiking easy, medium, and hard. Best Hiking Trails Margalla Hills are discussed in detail below.

Margalla Hills Hiking Trail 5 Dara Janglan

How to reach there?

This track starts from a point called Dara Janglan. It has car parking available for free. There is a small cafe in the parking. Before getting to the track you can have some snacks. Track 5 cafe is famous for its tea and Pakoras. Do not forget to take a bag with you to carry your stuff. Make sure you do not throw any wrapper or garbage while hiking the track. Keep the track and environment clean.

The track map is displayed at the starting which guides you all the way. The total distance for the hike is 5 Km approximately. It increases if you choose the regular track. The total time to reach the top of trail 5 takes 90 to 120 minutes for an average hiker. This track has a water stream. You can take some good pictures there with your friends and family.

If you want to have a picnic with your friends and family. There is a camping site available at a walk of 10 minutes from where the track starts. You can have a quality time there enjoying the beautiful nature.

This picture was taken on trail 5 Margalla hills Islamabad | Wanderer Guru

Margalla Hills Hiking Trail 3

This is the best trail for hikers. It is located just before the trail 5 parking. This trail 3 has its parking. There is a small cafe where you have Fresh juices and snacks. Trail 3 has a bit hard level of hiking. The total distance is 5 Km to the top via the fire line trail. The total time taken is approximately 90 minutes. This leads directly to the fire line. This makes it different from trail 5. But you can also get to trail 5 to trail 3 and vice versa. Multiple routes join the two trails with each other.

Trail 3 has no water stream and you have to carry your water bottle. Do not throw garbage on the trail. Keep the environment clean. The best thing about trail 3 is the fire line which is a delight for hike lovers. As the fire line is very steep and gives you a tough time but adventurous at the same time. Most of the people go to the Monal Restaurant using both the trails. But if you want to continue your hike you have many different options on the map to continue.

Hiking Trail 3 Margalla Hills Islamabad
This picture was taken on Trail 3 Margalla Hills Islamabad | Wanderer Guru

Margalla Hills Hiking Trail 6

How to get there ?

This track starts from the Faisal Masjid parking. The total distance is 4 Km. The level of hiking is easy. It does not take more than 90 minutes for an average hiker. The ending point is known as Jabbi. This trail has water streams that enhance its beauty. There are some trees that are very old. Trail 6 is mostly covered by the shrubs and plants. The track is lovely with beautiful landscapes. The chirping of birds makes a person feel calm and relax. Sit back and enjoy nature.

Safety Measures at Margalla Hills

  • Go hiking in the daylight.
  • Do wear good trekkers.
  • Do carry a hiking stick as it will be helpful during the hike.
  • Return from trails before sunset.
  • Do not bring your pets to the trails.
  • Stay on the trail do not go off the trail if you are not familiar with the routes.
  • Do not disturb or feed any wildlife in the Margalla Hills National Park.
  • Keep the trails and the environment clean.

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