The Beautiful Bani Gala Hills Islamabad

Bani Gala Hills Islamabad Wanderer Guru

Bani Gala is located in Islamabad at the eastern bank of Rawal Dam. It got famous because of the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan who resides at Bani Gala Islamabad. The Bani Gala hills Islamabad worth visiting, you can go there for having a peaceful time. From the top of the hill the house of prime minister Imran Khan is visible. The Bani Gala hills Islamabad are lush green and have a variety of plants. The chirping of birds while roaming around is soothing.

How to get there?

There are two main ways to reach Bani Gala. If you are coming from Murree road near Barakahu. The nearest road will be the Korang Road which directly leads to the house of prime minister Imran Khan. The second route is from the Park road near the Rawal dam.

When you reach the Bani Gala market, take the right turn on 786 Road opposite to allied bank. After 500 meters, you get a left turn which take to the top of Bani Gala hills. The total distance from the market to the hills is 1.5 Km approximately.

Hiking Trail at the Bani Gala Hills

The hiking trail of the Bani Gala hills is not much famous, but this place is worth visiting. If you want to have a good hike. You should choose to walk from the market to the top of the hills. It will not take more than 15 minutes. Once you reach the top. There is a way to a downhill hiking trail which leads to the Botanical Garden of CDA. This area is not a private land so you can visit whenever you want without any issue. The hiking trail is not that difficult and the distance is short. It will not take an average person for more than an hour. If you want to spend quality time do give it a visit.

This hiking trail also leads to the hills of Barakahu if you want to have long hiking. It approximately takes 90 minutes for an average person. Click here if you want to know about the best hiking trails in Islamabad.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a delight for the adventure lovers apart from the hiking trail. You can find huge rocks in the Bani Gala hills and try your rock climbing activities. But be careful while doing that as you can hurt yourself. If you are wearing trekkers or climbers than it is worth trying.

 Rock Climbing Islamabad
Picture was taken at Bani Gala Hills during Rock Climbing | Wanderer Guru
Rock Climbing Bani Gala Islamabad
Bani Gala Rocks | Wanderer Guru

Wildlife in the Bani Gala Hills

The Bani Gala hills are rich in wildlife but is safe to visit. There are Fox, wild boar, porcupine and other species. Most of the times you do not come across any of them. The best way to avoid any sort mishap you should visit it in the daylight. At that time everything is easily visible and risks are minimal.

Porcupine Quill Bani Gala Hills Islamabad
This is a porcupine quill | Wanderer Guru

Agriculture at Bani Gala Islamabad

Bani Gala has an agricultural land. The locals do farming. The cultivation of wheat majorly. They also do it for the animal fodder after the grain has been harvested.

The picture was taken at agriculture land near bani gala | Wanderer Guru

Picnic with Friends and Family

If you are having a boring day, you can have lunch with your friends and family on the top of the Bani Gala hills. Carry your stuff for cooking and enjoy your day. Keep the environment clean, do not throw garbage or wrappers. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful nature.

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