Kohala Bridge Neelam Point Murree

Kohala Bridge Neelam Point Murree

Kohala is the entrance point for Kashmir Pakistan from Murree. There is a bridge that connects Murree with Kashmir. This is the Kohala Bridge. The Kohala bridge is an attraction for tourism. Moreover, Lush green trees cover this area. This enhances the beauty and also cleans the environment.

In addition, the Kohala bridge is built on the river Jhelum of Indus river. It is towards the North of Murree and South of Muzaffarabad. The bridge is approximately 27 years old. This is the third time of its construction.

Picnic at Kohala Bridge

It takes not more than 1 hour from Murree. On reaching, the Kohala bridge, park your car there. They charge you the amount for the parking. But if you do not want to pay, you can park it in a safe place nearby. They have charpoy ( a bedstead of woven webbing) placed in flowing water. The charges are not more than 300-500 Pkr. The local people mostly earn money through this. But it is a good practice to finalize the charges before sitting. So, you have no problem at all. You can have tea while sitting on the charpoy in flowing water. This is entertaining and peaceful. You can take your own food and cook there. It is good practice to cook your food. Make sure, you do not litter.

Do not get near to water where the flow is high. As this is very dangerous. The flow of water is very much high. It is not safe to get near to it. Sit on the charpoy and enjoy the time. Also, you can take pictures but with care. Take care of the kids.

The best time to visit is in summer in the evening. They have tents (sheds) for sitting. Moreover, the landscapes are amazing.

Kohala Bridge Neelam Point
This picture was taken at Kohala Bridge Murree | Wanderer Guru

Things to carry:

  • Food
  • Water Bottle
  • A puncture kit for bikers.