The Beautiful Gwadar Port and Beach Balochistan

Gwadar port and beach Balochistan

The Gwadar beach is the world’s deepest seaport. It is situated in the Arabian Sea Gwadar Balochistan. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by area. The Gwadar seaport has an area of 2300 acres approximately. It has a port depth of 17m to 18m.

Moreover, it offers 120 number of Berths. Also, the Gwadar beach is a warm water seaport. Gwadar is the land of beautiful beaches. The Gwadar seaport is mainly featuring the CPEC. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a collection of infrastructure projects. This will benefit both countries.

How to reach Gwadar

Gwadar is at a distance of 630 km from Karachi. The total time taken is 8 hours from Makran coastal highway. You can easily travel to Gwadar in your own car. Moreover, it is safe to travel there. On the way to Gwadar, you will pass by Hingol National Park, Kund Malir Beach, and Ormara Beach. The roads are perfect for a drive. You can shop, restaurants, and fuel stations easily.

Places to visit in Gwadar

If you want to visit Gwadar and enjoy the beaches. It is good to travel in the cold season. As the weather is pleasant in these days. Also, the sea is silent without any big waves. So you can easily enjoy boating. Otherwise, in the summers if you are taking a ride in a ship the waves distort the balance of the ship. I do recommend the winter season for visiting Gwadar.

Hingol National Park

The Hingol or Hungol national park is on Makran Coast Gwadar Balochistan. The park is famous for its wildlife. Do give it a visit if you are an animal lover. I do recommend visiting there and having quality time.

princess of hope hingol national park
This is not man-made, The princess of hope.

The princess of hope, statue formed because of the unique formation of rock or mud volcano eruptions. This was given the name “The Princess of Hope” by a Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Moreover, the shape of the statue resembles that of a woman. It seems to be man-made but it’s not.

Jiwani Beach

Jiwani is a small town and has a commercial port. It comes with the Gulf of Oman in the district Gwadar. Also, Jiwani beach is the center for fish trading. The main source of income for the locals is fishing. Jiwani city mostly has sand rocks. The rocks have different designs that look beautiful.

Jiwani Beach Gwadar Balochistan
This picture was taken at Jiwani Beach Gwadar Balochistan

Kulanch Gwadar

The Kulanch is a village near Gwadar. Moreover, it has land for cultivation which is 50 km and ends at Pasni. The Kulanch Gwadar is very hot. It is famous for its date production. This area is famous for its food production. In addition, the lithosols and regosols cover the mountainous area of the district. Limestone, shale, and sandstone are the main rocks in the formation of this area.

Kulanch Gwadar Balochistan
This picture was taken at Kulanch Gwadar Balochistan

Pasni Beach

Pasni is a small city having a small port and beach. The beach has beautiful views. Further, the sunset is amazing at the Pasni beach.

Pasni Sunset Balochistan
Sunset at Pasni Beach Gwadar Balochistan

Shadi Kaur Village

This village is famous for the Shadi Kaur dam. It is based on the Shadi kaur river. It is in 50 km north of Pasni Balochistan.

Shadi Kaur Village Gwadar Balochistan
Having tea with the locals at Shadi Kaur Village Gwadar Balochistan.

Activities at Gwadar Beach

Gwadar is the city of beautiful beaches. There are more than 10 beaches. Each one has a different mesmerizing view.

I am going to share my experiences with the Gwadar beach. Gwadar beach is the most famous one. It is a great attraction for visitors and investors. It the home to wind-carved rock formations. Moreover, it is the highest and deepest beach. Also, the water is crystal clear with a view of a whitish background.

Fishing at Gwadar Beach

Gwadar beach is famous for its fishing sites. The locals of that Gwadar mostly earn from fishing. In addition, they also make small boats. The hand made boats are means for fishing by the locals. The fisherman sells fish to the traders. Karachi fish market gets the fish from Gwadar. Moreover, it gets exports to different countries.

Recently, a rare fish known for its medical use was auctioned at the Gwadar beach. The fish was used in the production of several medicines. It was auctioned at 1.14 million Pakistani Rupees. A 41-kg croaker fish or Arabian sea meager fish (Argyrosomus henii), locally known as Kir (Sowa) was caught by a local fisherman.

Fishing at Gwadar Balochistan
Local fisherman at Gwadar Balochistan

Gwadar Club

the AM99 Group owns the Gwadar Club & Ninety Nine Beach Resort. It has an affiliation with the Balochistan Development Authority. The club is ideally located on the main Gwadar Coastal Highway with a beachfront opening into the Arabian Sea. The Gwadar cantonment surrounds the club from all three sides.

The club offers its members exclusive access to business opportunities and bespoke hospitality in Gwadar. It is the hub of the city where business and entertainment meets with a luxurious lifestyle. You have swimming, boating, water sports anything you want to enjoy. Just enjoy your quality time and keep motivating others to do so.

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