Murree Hills Tourism Complete Guide 2020

Murree Hills Punjab Pakistan

Murree is the most famous hill station in Punjab Pakistan. It is at an altitude of 2291m. The Murree hills come under the Galiyat region of the Pir Panjal Range. Moreover, tourism in the Murree hills is open throughout the year. Tourists from different regions visit Murree mostly in the summers. But, in the winter it attracts more tourists. As people from the hot regions get excited about the snowfall. The recent snowfall at Murree was in March. The Murree Hills has many tourist spots. This includes the Kashmir Point, Mall Road, Patriata Chairlift, Sozo adventure park. I will be also sharing my experience with reaching Murree hills from the Maseri via Angoori village.

The beauty of Murree Hills

If you want to enjoy the original beauty of Murree Hills. Then this is for you. If you are visiting Murree Hills from Islamabad. Two main roads lead to Murree directly from Islamabad. The first one is the old Murree road. It takes an hour to reach Murree and is 55 km approximately. The second one is the Islamabad Murree expressway. It takes 1.5 hours to reach Murree and is 65 km approximately. Moreover, If you want to avoid any traffic and roadside shops, the expressway is the right option for you. The local wagons charge 120 Pkr from Islamabad Bhara Kahu Bus station to Murree station.

Murree Hills from Maseri via Angoori

If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of dense forestry in the Murree Hills. You should choose this way. This starts after the Naval Farms near the Pind Begwal. After crossing the naval farms. You have to travel 3-4 km approximately. Take the left turn on Jandala road for Angoori. This road takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Murree. Some patches of the road are broken but it is not that bad. The best part about this way is its natural beauty. That includes the freshwater streams, dense forestry, and off-road riding experience. Besides, you can find different tourist places in this way.

Further when you take the left turn for Angoori. The first village you come across is known as Soon Garh. After Soon Garh the next village is known as Sahin. This comes under the union council Angoori. Also, the Angoori is very much famous for freshwater streams. Then from Sahin, you have two ways. If you choose the right one it will lead towards the new Murree, the famous Patriata chairlift. Moreover, If you choose the left road it leads to the Murree. The Murree hills have beautiful landscapes. In my opinion, to visit Murree mall road is not worth it. As natural beauty is hidden in the Murree Hills and the villages.

Angoori Punjab Pakistan
Angoori Water Streams Murree Hills Punjab Pakistan | Wanderer Guru

Murree Hills Weather

The Murree Hills weather is very pleasant most of the time. In the summers the temperature lies between a high of 22 and a low of 14 Degrees. Therefore, people love to visit the Murree hills for having a good time. Further, in the winters the average temperature lies between a high of 9 and a low of -3 Degrees. The average snowfall at Murree is 62.6 inches.

Murree  Snowfall Pakistan
This picture was taken near Lawrence College Murree | Wanderer Guru

Mall Road Murree

The Mall road Murree is famous as most of the people goes there to visit it. Mall road has different restaurants and shops. The vehicle entrance is not allowed on the Mall road. Because this is considered to be a place for walking. Also, there is an old famous building of GPO (general post office) since it was built by the Britishers in 1867. Today its appearance is very much different from the original one.

Further, if you want to stay at Murree or have some food. The mall road has everything to offer. The car parking has been an issue for tourists. But you can park and pay a negotiable amount for it approximately 300 Pkr.

Kashmir Point Murree

The Kashmir point is a famous point to visit in Murree. Moreover, the snow-covered hills of Kashmir are visible from this point. It is the highest point in the Murree at an altitude of 7500 feet approximately. It is within a walking distance from the Mall road. Do give it a visit to the scenery is beautiful.

Patriata Chairlift Murree

The Patriata chairlift is in New Murree part of the Murree Hills. It is approximately at a distance of 15 km from Murree Mall road. Patriata chairlift is very much famous. It is a worth visiting place if you want to ride the chairlift. In addition, the ticket for the chairlift is 400 Pkr for the adults. This amount is not much as the ride is adventurous.

Patriata Chairlift New Murree Pakistan
Patriata Chairlift New Murree Pakistan | Wanderer Guru

Stay At Mall Road Murree

Many people ask about staying at Murree. The best option is to stay at the mall road. The prices of the hotels are affordable. In the main season, the prices get quite high. I will recommend the Hotel Orient next to 15 office Mall road Murree. The price range is between 1500-13000 depending upon the luxuries offered. Also, they have well-furnished rooms with reliable customer service. You can contact Haris +923165080556. He will guide assist you in the booking room for your stay.

Hotel Orient Mall Road Murree
Hotel Orient Mall Road Murree | Wanderer Guru

Things to carry:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Shoes or Trekkers
  • Rain Suit
  • Food
  • Water Bottle
  • Bike Tool Kit and Parts