Mushkpuri Top A Beautiful Hiking Trek In KPK Pakistan

Mushkpuri top Pakistan

The Mushkpuri top is a beautiful hill pinnacle. It has an altitude of 9200 feet. It comes in the Galyat region of KPK Pakistan. The Mushkpuri top has lush greenery with mindblowing landscapes. Moreover, the fascinating view provides a sense of harmony and peace. The gigantic pine trees cover the trek from all sides. The trail is famous for its unmatching beauty. Besides, it attracts tourists from all over the country. This makes a great source for the tourism industry. Just like the Miranjani top, the trek receives heavy snowfall in the winter season.

Mushkpuri Top Location

The total distance from Islamabad to Mushkpuri is 85 km approximately. It takes almost 2.5 hours to reach there. You can use both the Murree GT road or the new expressway. The Mushkpuri hiking trek begins near Nathiagali. When you are heading towards the Nathiagali it will come first. From Nathiagali it takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach Mushkpuri. The signboards are displayed on the roadsides. The car parking is easily available. They may charge you an amount of 50 or 100 Pkr for the parking ticket.

The Mushkpuri Hiking trek

The Muskpuri hiking trail starts near the car parking. There is a single road that leads towards the trek. Moreover, the hiking sticks are also available near the roadside. The hiking level is medium not that difficult. An average hiker can reach the top in less than 1.5 hours. But, in the winters the trek surface is covered with snow it becomes slippery. It may take 2 to 2.5 hours to the top. Further, you have to be careful while hiking in the snow and rain. You will enjoy the trek as it is wonderful and eye-catching. The weather is hot in the summer season. As the sun rays directly hit the surface. But, the winters are very cold. The average temperature at the Mushkpuri is between 20 Degrees to -6 Degrees.

Things to carry:

  • Food: There are no shops available at the top. Take food along and water too. It is good to have some fruits, they maintain the sugar level and provide energy during the hike.
  • Warm clothes: The winters are cold there, it is good to wear warm clothes and a jacket too. Further, wearing gloves and muffler is good too.
  • Shoes: Wear good trekkers or shoes for hiking. It will keep you comfortable and will provide a cushion. In the winters the Mushkpuri trek is very slippery.