The Amazing Shimla Hills Abbottabad KPK Pakistan

Shimla Hills Abbottabad

The Shimla hills are one of the famous and beautiful hills in district Abbottabad. This comes under the Sherwan range and spreads towards the west of the Abbottabad. The name is given by the locals because of its beautiful landscapes. It has an altitude of 4100 feet approximately. Shimla hills have a lot of pine trees. The height of the pine trees is gigantic. They look beautiful and provide a healthy environment. Just like the Panjpeer rocks, the hills are also blessed with pine trees. People from different areas visit there to enjoy the natural beauty.

Shimla Pahari Location

Most of the people ask about how to reach the Shimla hills. I would like to share the complete route. On reaching Abbottabad van or bus station. You have to travel towards the main market or bazaar near the Abbottabad cantonment board. In the main bazaar walk for five minutes towards the van station. You will find Suzuki vans parked there. They charge you 30 or 50 Pkr for Shimla Pahari. If you are traveling in your car. It is easy for you to take the route that is going from the main road. There is parking available at the top. You can easily park your car there. The best thing is that the whole Abbottabad city is clearly visible from the top.

Shimla Hills Weather

The weather at the top is very pleasant. As the height of the Shimla Pahari is approximately 1256m. You will find tall pine trees at the top of the Shimla. The atmosphere is very good. There are small cafes available at the top. You can enjoy the tea and other refreshments there. One thing I would like to emphasize on. Please do not litter. Do not throw garbage on the hills. This exploits the natural beauty. Rather, carry your garbage along and dispose of properly.