Miranjani A Start To Finish Guide 2020

The Miranjani Top KPK Pakistan

The Miranjani top is the highest point of the Galyat region. It is at an elevation of 2292 m. The Miranjani comes under the Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The total distance from Islamabad to Miranjani is 100 km approximately. It takes 3 hours to reach there. The shortest distance is from Murree. If you want to travel on local transport. They are available at Faizabad and Pirwadhai bus station. The charges are 300 per person approximately. Moreover, when you enter the Murree toll plaza, the journey becomes interesting. Lush green trees and hills surround the road from both sides. Further, the landscapes are amazing. In the Galiyat region, Miranjani is at the top. Besides, Nathia Gali, Thandiani, Ayubia, Khanaspur, Khaira Gali, Dunga Gali, are part of the Galyat region. These places are famous for natural beauty and tourism.

Miranjani Trek

The Miranjani trek starts near the Governor house Nathiagali. There is a small hut at the road corner. The track starts from there. Further, the total length of the track is 5 km. In addition, you can park the car at the hut. They may charge you a nominal parking fee for that. The track takes not more than 2.5 hours for a normal hiker. The Miranjani hike is not too difficult. Moreover, the track is lush green and the views are mesmerizing.

Whenever you are going for a hike. Make sure that you are carrying a bag along. This will make the hike easier and comfortable. In addition, use the bag for carrying the food items and water. Well, the track is simple and the level of hiking is moderate. There is no need to take a guide with you. Also, there are no diversions on the track and is safe. It is a great place for families to visit.

On reaching the top, the views are breathtaking. The Miranjani top has the ultimate beauty. Lush green hills and dense forestry covers the Miranjani trek. Also, the clouds cover the top which is worth experiencing. The trek takes 1 hour to reach back to the parking. Moreover, on a clear day, the Nanga Parbat which is the 9th highest mountain is visible from the Miranjani top. I love the Miranjani trek, if you are a hiking lover you will love it too. Do you want to know more about the best hiking tracks near Islamabad?

This picture was taken at Miranjani trek | Wanderer Guru

Miranjani Weather

The weather at Miranjani in the summer is very pleasant. You will a bit cold on reaching the top when it is cloudy. Further, in the summers it has a high of 21 Degrees. The winters are cold and the temperature reaches to -9 Degrees. In the winters the Miranjani trek is covered with snow. Moreover, the snow hike is an amazing experience. It usually gets snowfall at the end of December till the end of March.

Things to carry:

  • Food: There are no shops available at the top. Take food along and water too. It is good to have some fruits, they maintain the sugar level and provide energy during the hike.
  • Warm clothes: The winters are cold there, it is good to wear warm clothes and a jacket too. Further, wearing gloves and muffler is good too.
  • Shoes: Wear good trekkers or shoes for hiking. It will keep you comfortable and will provide a cushion. In the winters the Miranjani trek is very slippery.