Black Waterfall Haripur

The Black waterfall or Kaali Di Dand is a beautiful natural waterfall. The name is given by the locals because of the color of the water as it is very deep and surrounded by big rocks structure in the hills. The waterfall covers a huge area and is one of the finest tourism places.


The total distance from Islamabad to Noori waterfall is about 65 Kilometers. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach there via PirSohawa road. This road links Islamabad with district Haripur. On the way, you will pass by many small villages and there are other waterfalls like the Umbrella waterfall nearby. There is a small village Tial Syedan opposite Peena village. You have to take the left for Tial Syedan village from Haripur road. The road is perfect for vehicles to drive but some patches are broken. From the main road, it will take 10-15 minutes to reach the parking area. They charge 50 Pkr for the bike parking and 100 Pkr for the car parking.


On reaching the parking area you have to walk for at least 20 minutes to reach the Noori waterfall. Moreover, It includes a little hiking too. The trek to Noori Waterfall is not very difficult. The Black waterfall is located just above the Noori or Nooran Di Dand waterfall. There is a small trek just before the Noori waterfall on the left side of the hill. This is a difficult hike of 10 minutes to reach the Black waterfall. You have to trek carefully it is a bit dangerous. But If you are a nature lover and a trekker too, it will be a delight for you.


This place is best for swimming in the summers. But, the water is very deep so you have to take no risks. The life jackets are easily available. They charge between 80-100 Pkr for a single life jacket. Do wear a life jacket and you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall. In addition, you can enjoy cliff diving from the top deep into the Black waterfall. There are small ponds everywhere, you can find many which are not very deep starting from 2 feet to 5 feet depth. The atmosphere is beautiful and you can enjoy your weekend along with family and friends. Plan your trip on weekdays on the weekend it is fully packed and you can not enjoy the trip.

Which is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Black waterfall Haripur is on the weekdays early in the morning. On the weekend this place gets a lot of visitors and gets crowded. The water gets muddy and the whole view gets down.

Can I swim in the Black waterfall?

Yes, this place is best for swimming. The water is clear and cold. But, always wear a life jacket. The black waterfall is very deep and it is very dangerous to swim without a life jacket.

Can families visit the Black waterfall?

No, I will not recommend this place for families as the trek to reach the black waterfall is not easy. For families, the Noori waterfall is very accessible. As it is in the beginning.

Things to carry

Food: You can cook food there and enjoy nature with friends and family. Please keep the environment clean, sit back, and enjoy your day. Bring back the wrappers and other plastic wastes. Do not pollute the water and nature.
Trekkers or Shoes.
Puncture Kit (for bikers).
Rain Coat.
Shorts for swimming / Life jacket.

Do share your traveling experiences with me in the comments section below… Have fun!