Natural Beauty At Its Peak Near Islamabad

Natural Beauty Near Islamabad

The natural beauty of Islamabad has no match. I can bet no one has written a post like this before. I have recently explored a place near Islamabad. This place is not famous. But it is very rich in natural beauty and resources.
I started my journey and I was not sure where would I go. After half an hour the scenery got amazing and mesmerizing.
The place is at a distance of 1 hour from Bani Gala Islamabad. The valley is named the Soon Garah by the locals.

How to reach there?

I have started my journey from Bani Gala Islamabad. Firstly you have to reach Naval Farms near the Simly dam road. You can also go there from the Murree road Barakahu. After that, you have to travel for 3 to 4 km. Take a left turn from there. This road links Islamabad with the Murree district Punjab. This is known as “Soon Garah” road. This is a single-sided cemented road. You can easily travel in a car or a motorbike. The road is fully cemented and is perfect for driving.

This road starts at a low elevation. The elevation angle increases as you continue traveling uphill. Once you have to drive uphill. Then from there, the elevation starts decreasing the downhill. The First valley that arrives is known as the Soon Garah valley.

After that, there comes the Jandrera valley which is at an altitude of 963 meters. The Jandrera is a beautiful valley. It is very rich for the forestry and water streams. After leaving the Jandrera valley. I reached the Kala Begwal which is a small village. The environment was clean and healthy. Breathing in the fresh air makes you feel comfortable. This comes under the UC Angoori.

After traveling for another 5 km. There comes a bridge and freshwater streams are flowing. You can park your vehicle there and enjoy the beauty of nature. This place is a hidden beauty and not so famous. This is a good sign as one can enjoy quality time with family and friends comfortably. This place is very much beautiful, clean, and healthy as compared to Angoori. Nowadays Angoori is fully occupied by the visitors. In this pandemic of COVID-19, it is not safe at the Angoori. If you want to travel further this road will take you to Murree.

Natural beautiful Water Streams

The freshwater streams enhance the natural beauty of this valley. This is the Sahin valley. The Sahin valley comes under district Murree. Freshwater streams are flowing, you can swim in the water. As the water is not very deep. But do take the precautionary measures. Do wear a life jacket if you do not know to swim. Do not allow kids to go towards the deep places. Let them play where the water is not deep.

Moreover, you can enjoy cooking food in natural beauty. Take your foodstuff with you. Do carry a mat or Dastarkhwan for having lunch.

Natural Beauty Near Islamabad
This picture was taken at Sahin Water streams | Wanderer Guru

Hiking Trail in The Natural Beauty

In addition, the hiking trail starts near the Naval farm Simly dam road Islamabad. This track is lush green shrubs and trees. The total time taken to reach the Sahin water streams is approximately 4 to 5 hours. Accordingly plan your trip, so that you reach there timely. This area is safe to travel and has wonderful natural beauty. See this If you want to know more about the best hiking trails in Islamabad.

Natural Harvesting of Pure Honey

Also, the harvesting of pure honey is done by the locals. This is worth observing the process. You can have pure honey from there. They sell it for a reasonable price. Honey is natural as well as good for health. It boosts your immunity. Moreover, natural honey is hard to find. The natural beauty near Islamabad is breathtaking.
I would like to know your thoughts.

Natural Harvesting of Honey
Natural Honey Harvesting in the Natural Beauty | Wanderer Guru