Neela Sandh A Picnic Point Near Islamabad Pakistan

Neela Sandh

These days most people are planning for outing and picnic. Neela Sandh is one of the picnic points near Islamabad. The name is famous for the blue color of the water. Which is not blue normally except the winter season. This comes in the district Rawalpindi on the Lehtrar road. This place is famous for its beautiful water ponds. There is a small waterfall which is an attraction for the tourists. Lush greenery and hills surround the Neela Sandh waterfall.

Neela Sandh Location

The total distance from Islamabad to Neela Sandh is not more than 45 kilometers. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes approximately to reach there. The route starts near the Comsats University Islamabad campus Chak Shahzad. When you reach the Tramri chowk you have to stay on the Lehtrar Road. This road will take you to the Nilore Factory. Further, after a few kilometers, you will reach the Neela Sandh picnic point. There is a bridge from which the water ponds are visible. You have to walk down the road for 2 minutes to reach the water ponds.

Swimming and other activities

Most of the people go there for swimming. But, I would like to share that this place is very much deep. Besides, there are no safety measures or rescuers. Do wear a life jacket before getting into the water. Life jackets are easily available at restaurants. They charge 100 Pkr for one life jacket. Do not get into the water without wearing a life jacket. The water seems like it is not deep but in reality, it is very much deep. Moreover, do not risk your life. You may have heard about the deaths at Neela Sandh. This is because people from different places visit there. They are not familiar with the depth of the water. Even if you are a good swimmer do not risk your life.

Make sure do not exploit the natural beauty of natural places. Do not litter, promote cleanliness, and save the beauty of nature.