Nilan Bhotu Magical Valley in The Margalla Hills 2021

Nilan Bhotu Margalla Hills Haripur KPK

Nilan Bhotu is a magical valley in the North-East of Islamabad. It is approximately 27 km from the Pir Sohawa Damn e Koh Islamabad. Nilan Bhotu valley falls in the district of Haripur KPK Pakistan. It is a beautiful valley. This valley is famous for the Chilla Gah Bari Imam. Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi referred to as Bari Imam or Bari Sarkar 1617-1705. He was a Sufi of the Qadiriyya order from Punjab. The shrine of Bari Imam is located at Islamabad near Quaid e Azam University.

How to reach Nilan Bhotu Margalla Hills

The Nilan Bhotu directions are easy to understand. It is at a distance of 27 km from Pir Sohawa Islamabad. The road which leads to Nilan Bhotu is now fine. A few years back it was very rough and bumpy. But now there are only a few patches that are broken. So, you do not need a 4WD to reach there anymore.

I traveled on a bike from Bani Gala Islamabad. Once you reach the Monal restaurant Margalla hills. Keep traveling on the same road towards the Highland Resorts. After a few kilometers before the Highland Resorts. There comes a small market. There is a right turn from the market and a signboard for Nilan Bhotu.

By taking the right turn you enter the Nilan Bhotu valley. This valley is lush green and rich in forestry. The road is fine now. The actual beauty starts from this point. The view is clear with fresh air. The landscapes are amazing. Freshwater streams are flowing side by side. The farm fields are lush green. The wildlife is amazing and the whole scene is perfect.

Freshwater Streams at Nilan Bhotu

The freshwater streams are a delight for adventurers. You can have a swim in the cold freshwater streams. The water is not much deep in most of the places. But do not risk your life if you do not know swimming. Take good care of kids. Let them enjoy where the water is not deep. Keep an eye on them.

If you are traveling with your friends and family. You may consider having lunch near the streams. Take your cooking stuff along and enjoy the food. One thing to keep in mind. Always keep the environment clean. Do not throw any garbage. Take back your leftovers being a good citizen.

Nilan Bhotu Water Stream
This picture was taken on freshwater stream Nilan Bhotu | Wanderer Guru

Fish Ponds at Nilan Bhotu

The Chilla Gah is located with the crystal clear water pond. This pond is full of Genera Tor (Mahseer) fish. The fish are clearly visible in the water. But fishing is not allowed there by the locals. They say that these are pet fish. But as a visitor, you can feed the fish. Enjoy the mesmerizing view and take some photographs for a memory.

This picture was taken at Chilla Gah fish pond Nilan Bhotu | Wanderer Guru

Things to carry

Following things are must to carry along.


It is difficult to find good food inside the valley. It is good to take your food along.


It is a good practice to fuel up your bike or car. There is no proper petrol station available in Nilan Bhotu.

Puncture Kit

You should be carrying a puncture kit along with an extra tube for bike. Just for the safety measures.


To capture the amazing beauty of the valley.