Sudhan Gali and Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir

Sudhan Gali Azad Kashmir

Sudhan Gali is also known as Dera Sadozai. Sadozai is a famous Pashtun tribe from Afghanistan. In Pakistan Bagh district of Kashmir has a majority of the Sadozai tribe. Sudhan Gali is a beautiful village at an altitude of 2000 meters. This connects Chikkar with district Hattian and Bagh Azad Kashmir. It is at a distance of 160 km from Islamabad. The time taken is approximately 6 hours via Kotli Sattian. This place is the best tourist attraction in Kashmir Pakistan. Moreover, it is very famous for trekking and beautiful landscapes. You can have beautiful views of the pine forest. Pine trees are very tall and have value for their timber and pulp throughout the world.

The Ganga Choti is a famous peak in the Sudhan Gali. It has an altitude of 3044 meters. Besides, it is one of the best tracks for hiking. You can also reach there on jeep but hiking is adventurous. The charges for the jeep are low and easily affordable. The beauty of this place has no match. If you want to spend a night or two there. The hotels are easily available at a very normal rate. The rates are between 1000 to 1500 Pkr for one room per night. The Benazir palace is a very famous hotel there. The charges of food and stay are very nominal. Further, the PWD rest house also provides accommodation to the tourists. But you have to do the booking in advance.

Sudhan Gali To Ganga Choti Trekking

The best time to trek the Sudhan Gali is early morning. The hike level is easy. After a hike of one hour, you reach the Khopra meadows. The Khopra meadows are famous for the beautiful carpet grass and pine trees. This place has mesmerizing landscapes. After spending some time there. You can start trekking towards the Ganga Choti. Trekking to Ganga Choti from Sudhan Gali takes almost 2 hours in the summer. But, in the winter it takes a bit more. As snow covers the Ganga Choti. But the hike is not difficult and you can easily reach the top. On the way, you will enjoy beautiful and breathtaking views. Besides, try to carry a bag along. This will help you to carry your stuff easily. The Miranjani hike is also adventurous but this is worth experiencing.

Camping at Ganga Choti

You can carry camps along. Camping at the Ganga Choti is worth it. Also, carry your foodstuff with you. You can cook your food at the top. This place is beautiful for spending a night. Also, do not forget to carry sleeping bags with you. The Sudhan Gali and Ganga Choti have beautiful weather. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sudhan Gali and Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir
Camping Tents and Jeep are visible in the picture | Wanderer Guru

Weather at Sudhan Gali Ganga Choti

The weather is charming and cool in the summer. Snow covers the hilltop in the winter. The snow-covered hilltop has mesmerizing beauty. Also, do not forget to carry your sleeping bag and warm clothes. Further, make sure you do not spoil the beauty of nature. Please do not throw garbage rather take it back with you. This will help us to save our tourist places. “Cleanliness is half of faith”.

Things to carry

  • Water: For drinking while trekking.
  • Food: As there is no restaurant available at the top.
  • Bag: This will help you to carry your stuff and bring back the garbage to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the Panjpeer rocks.
  • Shoes: Wear good and comfortable trekking shoes.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Hiking Stick.
  • Warm clothes.