Panjpeer Rocks and Narar Waterfall Kahuta Pakistan

Panjpeer Rocks Kotli Sattian Pakistan

The Panjpeer rocks are one of the best tourist attraction in Pakistan. It is the highest point of the Danoi ridge. The name Panjpeer is because of the five saints who lived there. The Panjpeer rocks are at an altitude of 1800 meters. This comes in the Kotli Sattian district. This place is famous for the giant rocks, waterfalls, and shrine at the top. The total distance from Islamabad is approximately 60km. It takes one and a half hours to reach there.

Panjpeer Rocks Map

Most of the people ask about the directions for Panjpeer rocks. The Lehtrar road starts from the Tramri chowk near Comsats university. From the Tramri Chowk, you have to take a left. This will lead you towards the Lehtrar road. The distance is approximately 56 km via lehtrar road.

This road goes straight towards the Kotli Sattian Narh waterfall and the Panjpeer rocks. The road is in good condition and safe for traveling. On the way to your destination. You will find the Neela Sandh which is also famous for the water ponds. But I would not recommend visiting that place as the water is very deep and there are no safety measures taken.

Also, if you want to know about freshwater ponds and waterfalls in Islamabad. Further, this road connects Islamabad to the Bagh Kashmir.

Hiking at Panjpeer Rocks

The Danoi hike starts from the Lehtrar rest house. The rest house is at the back of the petrol station at a small distance from the main market. The hike starts from there and it takes an hour to reach the Danoi rest house. The Danoi rest house is at an altitude of 1300 meters.

You can reach them on your vehicle too and then start hiking afterward. The Danoi rest house can be booked from the forestry department. The pine forest covers the rest house. This enhances the beauty of this rest house.

The track starts near the rest house and it has many paths that lead to the top of the ridge. It takes 2-3 hours to reach the top. The hike level is not too difficult but it is adventurous.

This place is best for rock climbing too. The beautiful giant rocks have mesmerizing architecture. The size of the rocks reaches 100-200 feet. Moreover, the pine trees and big heavy rocks are the best combinations.

While trekking you can see Murree hills towards the west. Also on a clear day, Makra and different hills of the Kaghan and Kashmir are visible. The river Jhelum is also visible from the top.

There are waterfalls known as the Narar waterfalls. You can enjoy spending your time there. But be careful as the water is very deep where the waterfalls. Even if you know to swim, do not risk your life.

Moreover, you can enjoy where the water level is low. Take good care of your friends and family.

Panjpeer Rocks Danoi Ridge Pakistan
The size of the rocks reaches 100-200 feet. Moreover, the pine trees and big heavy rocks are the best combinations

Camping at the Panjpeer Rocks

If you want to stay a night or two. The best option is to camp at the top of the Panjpeer rocks. Further, the place is beautiful and the weather is awesome there. Even in the summers, the weather is pleasant.

Take your food along as you will find no restaurants at the top. The best is to cook on your own and enjoy the time. Besides, please take care of the cleanliness of the place. Do not litter, take your garbage back with you.

These places are naturally very beautiful and this is our duty to keep them clean. Share your experiences with me here in the comments section below.

Things to carry

  • Water: For drinking while trekking.
  • Food: As there is no restaurant available at the top.
  • Bag: This will help you to carry your stuff and bring back the garbage to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the Panjpeer rocks.
  • Shoes: Wear good and comfortable trekking shoes.