The Bruti Waterfall Margalla Hills Islamabad 2023


The Bruti waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in the Margalla Hills of Islamabad. Bruti has hygienic freshwater ponds. It has a great attraction for tourism.

The Bruti waterfall in the Margalla hills has many ponds. The ponds are clean and worth visiting. In the summer most people visit it for the water adventure. This place is famous because of the Bari Imam Chilla Gah. Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi referred to as Bari Imam or Bari Sarkar 1617-1705.

He was a Sufi of the Qadiriyya order from Punjab. The Chilla Gah here is known as Loh e Dandi which also has a hiking trail from the Bari Imam Shrine. The shrine of Bari Imam is located in Islamabad near Quaid e Azam University.

This picture of Chilla Gah Loh e Dandi was taken from the track to Bruti waterfall | Wanderer Guru

The bruti Islamabad map

On reaching the Bari Imam Shrine near Quaid e Azam University Islamabad. There you will find a chowk. You have to take the right turn which takes you to Bruti.

It is at a distance of 2-3 km from the Bari Imam Shrine. The road is now perfect. It was bumpy a few years back. But the new road is developed now. Moreover, you can go there in a car or motorbike. There is car parking at your own risk.

Where does the Bruti waterfall start?

Next to the parking, there is a small shop. You have to take the left and start walking side by side where the water stream flows.

The Bruti waterfall has natural water ponds and streams. From the parking, it takes 15-20 minutes to reach the Bruti waterfall. In the monsoon season, the Margalla hills get a lot of rain. This results in the rise of water at all the hiking trails in the Margalla hills.

So, it is recommended to visit Bruti waterfall in the Monsoon season. But, take good care of yourself while hiking as it gets slippery because of the structure of the rocks.


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Bruti Waterfall Hiking Trail

The Bruti waterfall hike level is easy. If you want to explore more you can easily find more and more freshwater ponds. On the way, you will find many waterfalls small and big but they are dry most of the time. In the Monsoon season, these small and big waterfalls start flowing again.

Apart from this, some of the water ponds get water from streams in the hills throughout the year. Nowadays, the management has set up the water pipelines, which get water from the natural streams. This water is crystal clear and ready to drink. The locals say that this water is served to the Bari Imam Shrine and the local community of Bari Imam.

Also, this hiking track ends at Pir Sohawa road from a village Dhok Sarra. It takes 1.5 hours at most to reach Dhok Sarra. From there it takes half an hour to reach Isloo Grill restaurant Pir Sohawa road. It is at a distance of 4 kilometers from the monal restaurant. From there KPK starts via haripur.

Haripur is famous for its lush green hills and waterfalls. One of the famous waterfalls of Haripur is the Noori Waterfall. You can see the door of KPK near the restaurant. In addition, the hiking track is lush green and you can find freshwater streams on the way.

Moreover, on the way back you can use an alternative trail which is quite easy for descending towards the Bruti waterfall parking area from the Dhok Sarra village. It takes not more than an hour to descend from Isloo Grill restaurant back to the parking.

This picture was taken on the Bruti Hiking Track | Wanderer Guru


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Fresh Water Ponds at Bruti

There are many freshwater ponds at Bruti waterfall. Most of the people visit the first one and come back. But, if you want to enjoy it more explore it. There are many ponds with beautiful landscapes. The trail is full of beauty. Further, there are very few chances that you may get lost on the trail.

The best thing about the water ponds in the Bruti waterfall is that they are not deep. This is good for those who are fond of enjoying the summers in cold water, even if they are not good swimmers. The depth is not more than 3-4 feet.

Also, you can see small fish in the water ponds. These fish may give you a fish massage. These are not the exact fish for a pedicure but one can get relaxed by the feeling. In most countries, the fish pedicure is very much followed and people pay a handsome amount for it. But, this is how you do it naturally at the Bruti waterfall.

Fresh Water Pond Bruti Margalla Hills Islamabad
Another freshwater pond at Bruti | Wanderer Guru

Camping at the Bruti waterfall

There are a lot of camping sites available at Bruti waterfall Margalla hills Islamabad. This is one of the best camping sites in Islamabad.

The best thing about camping here is the lush green jungle, the wildlife which includes beautiful birds chirping soulfully. The water streams add more beauty to this place. This place has one of the finest hills structure in Islamabad. Still, it is very easy to find a camping site that has soft ground with greenery. I along with my friends have enjoyed the camping experience.

It is more than awesome. At night the weather gets very pleasant and even cold in the summers because of the cold breeze and the greenery.


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Can we cook at Bruti Waterfall?

Yes, but always keep the jungle and environment safe. Do not ignite a fire in the jungle as forest fires are very dangerous. There are proper sites available for cooking. You can bring your food and prepare a meal over there. But again do not throw waste or wrappers rather take them back with you.

How many hiking trails are there at Bruti Waterfall?

There are three main hiking trails near the Bruti Waterfall Margalla hills Islamabad. One of the trails leads towards the Loh e Dandi Bari Imam Shrine.

The other one which starts near the small Masjid on the right side direct leads to the village Dhok Sarra towards the Pir Sohawa Road.

The third one is the conventional trail that is followed by many for reaching the water ponds and Bruti waterfall. This trail also ends at Dhok Sarra village.

Which is the best time to visit Bruti Waterfall?

The Bruti waterfall is at its peak in the monsoon season. As the hills get a lot of rain in the monsoon. This helps in raising the water level in Margalla Hills Islamabad.

How much time will it take to reach Isloo Grill from the car parking Bruti Waterfall?

It depends on your physical fitness. An average hiker takes 2 hours to reach the Isloo Grill restaurant via Bruti waterfall hiking trail. This is at a distance of 6km from Monal.

Is there any other waterfall near the Bari Imam?

Yes, there is another beautiful waterfall near Quaid e Azam University Shah Dara. The Shumber waterfall. The best time to visit the Shumber waterfall is also during the monsoon season. Because the Shumber is a seasonal waterfall that flows for two months approximately.

Is it safe to visit Bruti Waterfall with family?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to visit there with family. But, make sure you plan it on the weekdays. On the weekend ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday) there are a lot of people and the place gets overcrowded.

In addition, do take care of the cleanliness of the Bruti waterfall. You can also perform the cleanliness drive along with your friends on the way back as we did. Please do not litter and keep the environment clean. As they say, “Take only memories, leave only footprints”.

Together we can make a big difference, make sure you bring back the empty water bottles/wrappers or any other non-biodegradable substance. This will not only make the place more beautiful but will also nourish the ecosystem.


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Things to carry:

  • Food: There are no shops available at the top. Take food along and water too. It is good to have some fruits, they maintain the sugar level and provide energy during the hike.
  • Hiking Stick: It will help you while trekking.
  • Shoes: Wear good trekkers or shoes for hiking. It will keep you comfortable and will provide a cushion. The rocks are slippery.
  • Raincoat.
  • Extra bodywear for swimming.



I would love to know if you have any queries. Further, do write me in the comment section below about your experiences… Have fun!

This feels like mini Kumrat Valley. The Bruti waterfall the Margalla hills after the rainy season in Islamabad.