Dagri Bangla Trekking And Camping Guide

Dagri Bangla Trekking And Camping

The Dagri Bangla is an old lush green forest in the Galiyat region. The Dagri Bangla trek is one of the most beautiful trekking spots in KPK Pakistan. The trek is full of beauty and flowers all around. Moreover, there are different wild animals in the Galiyat region. I will be sharing the complete details about trekking and camping at Dagri Bangla as well as other tourist spots located nearby.

Dagri Bangla location and map

The Dagri Bangla is at a distance of 11kms from Islamabad. One can reach there by car or bike. It takes 3 hours to reach there. The road is perfect for the drive. You can also go via Hazara motorway or via Pir Sohawa road Margalla hills or from Murree Nathia Gali. All of the routes are fine but the Pirsohawa road takes more time as it has sharp turns and hilly terrain. Also, this route is full of natural beauty and waterfalls. Two of the most famous waterfalls near Haripur are the Umbrella waterfall and the Noori waterfall.

Further, on reaching Nathia Gali you have to drive towards the Bakot Gali. There is parking available, you can decide the charges with them depending on the time period. You can also park your car near the Aabshaar hotel and start the trek from there. But, the thing is in the monsoon season that trek is fully covered by the bushes and gets narrow. The trek that starts from Bakot Gali is wide and clear and it also leads to Miranjani top.

Dagri Bangla Hiking Trail

The Dagri Bangla trek starts from Bakot Gali. The total distance from Bakot Gali to the Dagri Bangla rest house is 11.5 kilometers. The hiking level is moderate. Moreover, it will take 3 hours for an average hiker to reach the Dargi rest house. The trek is beautiful, most of the time it is covered with clouds. The feeling is amazing.

Dagri Bangla Hiking Trail
This is the view of the hiking trail.

Which is the best season for Dagri Bangla?

In the monsoon season or just after the monsoon season is the best time to visit the Dagri Bangla. Because it gets a lot of rain in the monsoon season. The charming flowers have more than 10 different colors and its heavenly.

Which time is best to start hiking for Dagri Bangla rest house?

The best time to start the hike is early morning at 6 am. As the trek will take 3-4 hours approximately so you reach the Dagri resthouse before the sun gets hot.

Will you need a guide or porter for Dagri Bangla?

The trek is easy and clearly visible. But, if you want to book a guide or porter. The guide will cost you 2500 per trip but for the porter, they have horses and mules. The porter charges are between 10-12k per trip.

Is water available during the trek?

Water is one of the most important things to carry while trekking. But, the sad thing is that there are no water streams on the hiking trail of Dagri Bangla. But, after reaching the rest house there is a water spring nearby. The best is to carry a water bottle in your bag.

Dagri Bangla Camping at rest house

On reaching the Dagri Bangla rest house, you can find a suitable place and set up your camp. The rest house has a lot of empty space. If you do not have camp then you can stay in the wooden sheds behind the resthouse. But, camping has its own charms. Make sure that your camp is of good quality and is waterproof. The weather at the top is very cold and it rains very often. Even in the summer, the weather at the top is cold and you have to wear warm clothes. In the winter the trek is covered with snow.

In the summer season, everything looks fresh and when the weather is clear you can see the Tarbela dam from Dagri Bangla resthouse.

Dagri Bangla Camping
Two of our camps were installed at the front side of the Dagri resthouse.

Do they charge any fee for camping?

No, the place is prioritized for government officials but anyone can camp there. There is no fee for that. But make sure you do not harm the environment.

Can I cook food over at Dagri Bangla resthouse?

Yes, you can carry your food and cook at the top. There are places available for cooking. But, make sure that you carry the gas cylinder or petrol cylinder with you. Also, do not light a fire near the jungle and say no to cutting trees.

Are shops or hotels available at the Dagri Bangla?

No, there are no shops and hotels available on the top for now. But, they are now building a small cafe and some rooms for rent which will be ready soon.

Are there any other tourist spots nearby?

Yes, the Mushkpuri top and the Miranjani are visible from the Dagri Bangla trek. The Kuna Dana meadows are also a wonderful place to visit.

Is water available near the Dagri resthouse?

Yes, but you have to walk 20 minutes to get water from the water stream. It is always good to carry big water bottles.

Dagri resthouse waterstream
While bringing water from the stream.

Things to carry:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Tent/camp
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Shoes or Trekkers
  • Rain Suit
  • Food
  • Water Bottle

Do I arrange a trip for Dagri Bangla?

Yes, you can contact me if you want to avail of my services. I will manage everything on your behalf.

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